Folsom Street Fair 2024

Dan Darlington - Folsom Street Fair 2024
Date : 27 / Sep / 2024
Time : 10:00PM - 04:00AM
Address : 119 Utah St

Folsom Street Fair 2024

Toss aside all your preconceptions about parties because BRÜT JAILBREAK is smashing through the prison walls, where the convict code is the law and the party never locks downs. With chapped cops keeping watch, frisky felons pumping in the yard, and the prison punk teaching you to “drop the soap,” we’re setting a new paradigm for LGBTQ+ events in San Francisco.

DJs Brian Urmanita, Shane Stiel, Dan Darlington and Pagano: Masters of Mayhem

Armed with tracks too explosive to contain, DJs Pagano, Dan Darlington and Shane Stiel are set to taser your senses, bringing all the boys to the yard with their adrenalized beats. Along with Brian Urmanita on LOCKDOWN in the VIP room. Hardcore PRISON TECH HOUSE music that promises complete frenzy till the break of dawn, making this line up the talk of the Folsom Street Fair.

A Night of Rebellion and Temptation During San Francisco 2024

The dance floor at BRÜT during Folsom Street Fair 2024 is a shadowy realm of temptation where defiance turns seductive, governed by the Go-go Men of OZ in a spectacle of forbidden energy. This heart of rebellion, throbbing under dancing spotlights and encircled by the night’s allure, dares you to immerse in its provocative challenges. Elevate your experience to break out with the HARRY HOUDINI TICKET, secret passage to the notorious Upstairs VIP UN-Solitary Confinement, where the party hits unparalleled heights, offering an all-access pass to the core of the uprising. Revel in the rebellion at Folsom Street Fair 2024.

Dress Code: Wear Your Freedom

Dress to rebel. Whether it’s in leather, jumpsuits, jockstrap, handcuffs, or your most daring outfit, your attire is your shout of defiance. Feel the thrill of the moment, you’re unstoppable, embody the fearless spirit of Folsom San Francisco 2024.

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