San Diego Pride 2024

Dan Darlngton - San Diego Pride 2024
Date : 21 / Jul / 2024
Time : 08:00PM - 04:00AM
Address : 271 University Ave

San Diego Pride 2024

Get ready to set San Diego Pride ablaze at the city’s newest revamped sensation, EQ, located right on the gay strip! Prepare for a night of electrifying fusion as we bring you one of the most sought-after gay events in San Diego with a mix of Mad Max intensity, Burning Man freedom, and celebration of San Diego Pride 2024. Leather-clad warriors and avant-garde Gogo’s dancing under neon lasers will create an atmosphere that is both wild and welcoming, perfectly complementing the spirit of the San Diego Pride Parade weekend.

Major DJ lineup

Experience a 3 DJ lineup unlike any other for a whopping 8 HOURS straight, keeping the party alive until 4 am! Brian Kent will subjugate the Patio with a sonic garden of eclectic sounds, while DJs Brady Prince, and Dan Darlington will dominate the main room, each spinning their own unique mix that blends techno, house, and experimental beats. Get ready to experience one of the best gay events in San Diego and become part of a new legendary night where the spirit of the desert meets the heart of San Diego Pride 2024.

San Diego Pride Dress Code

Pride, it’s an exploration of personal expression, daring individualism and acceptance. Embrace your true self in jockstraps, underwear, harnesses, or leather – all are celebrated and welcomed here. Need to change outfits? No problem, a clothes check will be available for your convenience.