Market Days Chicago 2024

Market Days Chicago 2024
Date : 9 / Aug / 2024
Time : 10:00PM
Address : 3641 N Halsted St.

Market Days Chicago 2024

BRÜT TITANS – Market Days Chicago 2024

The legendary BRÜT Party ignites Market Days Chicago 2024, bringing to life the most anticipated event of the weekend on Friday night. Right in the middle of the festival in the heart of Boystown, our theme harnesses the raw power of the elements: FIRE, WIND, WATER, and EARTH. We’re set to transform Market Days in Chicago into an empire of awe-inspiring might and majesty. Seize exclusive access to the VIP EXPERIENCE, giving you entry to the coveted OBSIDIAN ROOM, a place where seductive fire and darkness meet.

DJs Dan Darlington and PAGANO

As Northalsted Market Days engulfs Chicago’s gay clubs, we emerge as masters of the elemental chaos, radiating unbridled dominance through our MUSIC. Our DJs, PAGANO flying all the way from London and Dan Darlington, ignite the airwaves with their electrifying TECHNO and TECH HOUSE beats. These DJs are elemental masters, creating a tempest of sound to command the air itself. They’re the ultimate vibe architects, offering an exclusive, one-of-a-kind musical journey that will be heard ONLY HERE, this weekend. Don’t miss this unprecedented experience.

Magnetic Dance Floor

Smolder on the Brüt dance floor where the primal essence of leather melds with the dark allure of mystery. Our Gogo Dancers, channeling elemental forces, blend the cascade of water with the fierce energy of fire. Merge into our depths of unbridled passion and unquenchable vitality, making it the pinnacle of the Market Days Halsted celebration.

Dress Code

BRÜT Chicago is a journey of self-discovery and bold expression. We encourage you to embrace your elemental spirit in attire inspired by fire’s fierceness, wind’s freedom, water’s fluidity, or earth’s strength. From jockstraps to leather, all are welcome. Clothes check available for a full immersion into the elemental celebration.