BRÜT Party - San Francisco Dore Alley

Dan Darlington - San Francisco Dore Alley
Date : 29 / Jul / 2023
Time : 10PM - 4AM

BRÜT Party – San Francisco Dore Alley


Strange things are a foot at the circle K! The BRÜT Party is activating the OMEGA-13 device and hurtling through the wormholes of space. Your timeline will never be the same after we distort everyone’s magnetic attraction!

Check the Flux Capacitor and pack the DeLorean for this SUPERCHARGED MAIN EVENT of DORE ALLEY. Dark and Dirty is how we like our Leather events, and we have enough FUSION to make that reality. We don’t need an infinity stone to kick in a time loop, we have the hottest NIGHTCLUB in San Francisco THE GREAT NORTHERN.

This is no indie hipster weekend with hand-knit scarves and folk music… Dore Alley Weekend is only for real players, where leather men and fetish rule the streets of SoMa. If rubber, biker gear, fetish or any variety of built, hairy guys turns you on, then we’ve got it. We are going to change Father Time into Daddy Time.

Our DJ’s will sound the Harp of ages to rock a temporal singularity and drop us through the fourth dimension. MORABITO and DAN DARLINGTON will generate that NEW YORK Tech House RADIOACTIVITY on the dance floor while the sexiest dancers keep up the HIGH VOLTAGE till they throw us out or activate the “I’ll Be Back” cyborgs.

This voyager will fly beyond the sky. Where we are going we don’t need roads.

Dan Darlington

The Great Northern
119 Utah St San Francisco, CA 94103

Doors at 10pm-4am

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