About Me


I love music. LOVE IT. All of it. I love rhythm, I love melody, I love dynamics. Music has influenced me my entire life. There is nothing I love more than to see recognition in someone’s face when a song they love starts playing, except maybe if they start to dance.  I began making mix tapes for my friends at an early age. I remember thinking, I hope when I grow up I find a job that allows me to just listen to music and share that experience with others.  Out of college I hit the circuit scene.  I became obsessed with the latest house music and had to go to every party.  It was then that I first downloaded computer based Dj software (now I had a new way to make mix tapes for my friends).  But for some reason I felt that it wasn’t enough. I wanted to learn more.  I enrolled in the Scratch Academy in NYC.  They mostly taught Hip-Hop technique on vinyl, which was much more advanced and those guys are truly amazing! I bought my first mixer and set of decks, and started spinning.


I have been spinning now for about 13 years. In addition to being the co-owner/creator/Residend DJ of Brüt, I have done several other party events including: The Aqua Party Fire Island, The Closing Party LA Pride, Alegria Pride NYC, Furball NYC, Pitbull Toronto, Extra Dirty Syndey Mardi Gras. 


I am trained in using vinyl or cd, as well as Serato Dj. I believe all parties have a vibe, and I believe a Dj makes or breaks that party vibe.  Although I am a house Dj,  I will not limit my set to the music that I have preselected.  Like I had said before, I am there to see people’s faces and watch them dance,  so I will follow the crowd and mold my set off of them.

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